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Why Your Auto Body And Paint Shop Cannot Afford To Operate Without A Spray Booth

Spray booths are areas where your auto body shop can take sections of cars and paint the individual sections rather than painting the entire car. This makes it much easier to restore just part of a car rather than the whole thing. If your shop does not currently have a spray booth because you think you cannot afford one, the truth is that you cannot afford to operate your business without a spray booth. Here is why:

Your Competitors Have Them

Think about it; how many of your competitors have a spray booth in their shops? There is a very high probability that most of them do. They get more work and have a higher profit margin than you do because their booths help them complete jobs sooner. A spray booth not only helps complete jobs faster, but it is also friendlier to the environment and the work environment, too.

Spray Booths Keep You in Compliance with Environmental Laws

In many cities and states, spray booths help keep auto body and paint shops in compliance with environmental laws. Because of the chemicals involved with spray paint, the government wants to keep these chemicals out of the air and out of the water supply. If you are still doing things the old-fashioned way when your technicians paint a car, you could be found "non-compliant" with the law and fined. Some of those fines could have paid for the spray booth and helped you avoid the fines in the first place.

Spray Booths Keep You Compliant with OSHA Too

OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is the government organization that makes sure all of your employees are protected effectively against the daily hazards of their jobs. Your paint technicians need to wear respirators while they work.

Everyone else in within several feet of a car or car part being painted have to be protected, too. A spray booth isolates a paint technician so that no one else in the shop has to run around with respirators on while performing other auto repair jobs. The paint technician can enter the booth, close it up, paint the car/part, and be able to ventilate the booth without everyone else breathing the toxic or harmful fumes.

If one of your employees was ever to become gravely ill because he/she breathed in too many paint or solvent fumes, he/she could report you to OSHA. The fines, possibly followed by a lawsuit, would be very expensive indeed. Schedule a spray booth installation today.

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