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Four Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

If the wheels on your vehicle are misaligned, not only does it make it difficult to control your vehicle, but it can lead to other issues, such as loss of fuel efficiency. Misalignment happens often, and it's usually due to any kind of minor or major car accident, running over a small curb, and more. Once you notice it, you need to ensure that it is repaired to prevent serious problems, the most serious being loss of control over your vehicle. Here are four signs that a wheel alignment is needed:

  1. Crooked Steering Wheel: If the steering wheel is obviously crooked, then you likely have a wheel alignment problem. You will notice this easily because you will have to turn the steering wheel while driving straight to stay in a straight position. This is a problem because it's unnatural and can cause you to quickly lose control over the vehicle, especially if you need to make any kind of quick reaction. 
  2. Uneven Wear: If there is uneven wear and tear on the tires, then you definitely have an alignment problem. If your tires are properly aligned, they would drive evenly on the road, thus leading to even wear and tear. This is important for prolonging the life of your tires. Continuing to drive with a misaligned wheel will lead to you having to change the tires sooner than you would have liked. 
  3. Pulling: If your vehicle is pulling you to one side of the road while driving, the alignment is starting to get really bad, especially if it's doing it hard. This makes you lose complete control of your vehicle causing you to constantly having to pull your vehicle the other way. This requires more focus and attention on the road that can wear you out and even distract you. At this point, it's extremely unsafe and definitely causing serious issues to the rest of your vehicle's components. 
  4. Vibration: If your vehicle is vibrating while you are driving, it could be that the tires are trying to move in a different direction than how you are steering it. Shaking is also a distracting problem while you are driving, which is just another serious and dangerous issue that could lead to car accidents. 

When you notice any of these four signs of a wheel alignment problem, you should take your vehicle in to a trusted auto repair shop like Chehalis Collision Center right away. This will ensure that you are back on the road driving safely and with a vehicle that is well taken care of.