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Monster Problems With Truck Collisions And Why You Should Not Skip Repairs

Remember when you were a kid and you would play with your little cars and trucks? What vehicles did the most crashing and pretend damage? It was probably your trucks, because trucks are bigger and less likely to receive damage in an accident. The truth is, you instinctively knew that cars take the brunt of the damage in these situations. Still, that does not mean that trucks are never going to be damaged, just that they will have less damage than the car or cars around them that have collided with your truck.

Now that you have your own truck and it has recently been in an accident, you question whether or not to have the damage fixed. Truck repair services exist because trucks need repair at some point, but does your truck really need repair now? The answer is, yes, it does. The following shows that you can never be too careful about fixing minor damage on your truck. This definitely holds true if you drive a heavy-duty passenger truck or a commercial truck.

Repairing the Headlights

Headlight damage seems so minor. Yet, if you are driving your truck late at night with oncoming traffic, you are confusing other drivers on the road with the missing headlight. You could be a motorcycle for all they know. That is dangerous stuff right there. Let's not forget, too, that many police officers will pull you over for a busted head- or taillight. The fines for that vary, but nobody wants to deal with a police officer, especially if you are late getting to work or getting to an important event.

Doors That Are Crushed and Stuck

When you have a truck door that received some impact and is crushed inward to the point that the door cannot be opened, you probably just opt to fix it later and climb over to the opposite side of the truck to get out. While that makes sense to you, it is unsafe. If you were to be pushed off the road or slide off a bridge into icy water, you literally have seconds to get out of the vehicle. Those are precious seconds you cannot afford to lose because the door closest to you does not open. You have to decide what is more important; the couple hundred dollars to fix the door on your truck, or your life.

Damage to the Grill and Front End of Your Truck

So, the damage to your truck is actually on the grill and front end of your truck? Yes, you can "drive it ugly," but what about the engine components behind the grill? The grill is there to allow movement of air into the engine area, and it protects things such as your radiator. There may be more damage than what you initially see at the scene of the accident. While you may count yourself lucky to drive away, you should still have the truck examined. Damaged engine block components create even more problems later when they go unnoticed and unrepaired. 

Damage to the Wheels and Drive Train

Trucks can go right through and right over other vehicles, depending on how fast they were traveling prior to impact. The biggest problem with this type of damage is that you cannot see it until a repair technician hoists your truck into the air. There could be damage to the wheels and/or the drive train. A quick test on the alignment machine can tell when something is off. That is when the mechanic puts the truck in the air and takes a closer look. That is a lot of damage you should not miss nor avoid repairing.

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