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Tinted Windows And Auto Glass Repair: Get Answers To The Questions You Have

Flying debris can hit your windshield and leave a chip or a crack behind. If this occurs to you, you likely know that you should have the glass repaired quickly to help ensure that the chip or crack does not grow or spread. But if you have window tint on your windshield, you may have many questions about how the tint may or may not affect your auto glass repair. Here are a few of the questions you may have and the answers. 

Do You Still Need to Repair Auto Glass That Has Been Tinted? 

Yes. One of the misconceptions out there is that since tint is a film, it can hold your auto glass together and prevent a crack or chip from spreading. This is not true. Tint does not help to prevent a chip or crack on your windshield from spreading. Some types of tints can help to decrease the chances of a crack or chip developing in the first place, but if the crack or chip occurs, it needs to be repaired, regardless of whether your windows are tinted or not. 

Can Tinted Auto Glass Be Repaired Without Removing the Tint? 

Another misconception related to tinted windshields and windows is that the entire layer of film needs to be removed in order to repair the auto glass. This is not always the case. In some cases, all of the tint will need to be removed. But if there is a small chip or crack, the film over the affected area may be cut away, the repair made, and a small tint patch placed over the area. 

How is Tinted Auto Glass Repaired? 

The first step of auto glass repair for a tinted window is to determine whether the film needs to be removed from the entire window or just the affected area. If there is a tiny chip present, a razor is typically used just to cut a small area of the film away from the chip. If there is a large crack or if your tint is already in poor condition, the film will be peeled away. Once the film is removed from the affected area, the auto glass is sealed using a resin. This resin then has to cure, or harden. Once the resin is hardened, a tint patch or new tint can be applied to your window. 

If a rock or other road debris has left you with a crack or chip in your windshield, repairing it in a timely manner is important. If you fail to do this and the crack grows, repair may no longer be an option. Contact an auto glass repair shop today to schedule your appointment to have your windshield repaired.