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A Few Reasons To Have A Commercial Fleet Maintenance Agreement

Owning a fleet of vehicles for your business requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. If you have a large number of vehicles, you may have a maintenance department or at least your own mechanic. However, if you do not have a mechanic and shop, or if you don't have a large number of vehicles, you may find it is very beneficial to have a commercial fleet maintenance agreement with a third-party provider. Here are just a few of the benefits you will experience.

Guaranteed Rates

When you have a service contract, you have guaranteed rates for all preventive maintenance tasks. It won't matter when the shop has price increases. In addition to guaranteed rates, they are usually less than the rates for people without the agreement. It won't matter if you add more vehicles to your fleet either, they will all get the same prices, every time you take them in for servicing.

Scheduled Maintenance

When you do not have a maintenance agreement, you are given a date or mileage limit for you to make your next appointment. However, it can be easy to forget these when you have multiple vehicles to take care of. However, with a service agreement, the company will call you the day before the appointment and may even send a mechanic to come and pick up the vehicle, so you don't have to worry about getting it there. This will save you from having to have two employees take the time to get it there and then to pick it up. In addition, when your vehicles are maintained on a schedule, you can schedule the vehicles accordingly, so you will not need to have extra vehicles on hand.

Advance Warning 

When you always have the same mechanic or shop servicing your vehicles, they get to know the little idiosyncrasies of them. This helps them to know when something is going to wrong, so they can take care of things before they actually do go bad. You will save a lot of money when problems are fixed before they grow and create more problems. 

Talk to the shop you use and like the most about a service maintenance agreement. Discuss the number and what type of vehicles you have. Together you can work out an agreement that will work for the both of you. Then, talk to your insurance company to find out if they will give you a discount because of the agreement.

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