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In A Collision And Bumper Damaged? How It Can Be Repaired

If you were in a collision and the bumper on your car was damaged, this can make your car look bad. In some cases, it can even be dangerous to drive a car with a damaged bumper, especially if the damage is severe. Below is information on how your bumper may be repaired by a collision repair service.

Repair Scratches

If your bumper has a lot of scratches but there is no major damage, a collision repair service can repair the scratches for you. To do this they will buff the bumper with a buffer, which is usually electric. While you are there, ask the mechanic to look over your entire car. This is because if you have scratches in other places, this would be a good time to repair them also. When the mechanic is finished buffering your bumper, the scratches will be gone. They will then put an auto polish on the bumper to make it look new again. If the scratches on your bumper are very deep, then buffering it will not work well to repair your bumper.

Bumper Patch

In some cases, the mechanic can patch your bumper to repair it. Bumpers are made of plastic, and they can be repaired by filling, sanding, buffing, and then painting and buffed again. This will remove small dents and scratches. Patching the bumper will save you a lot of money as it is much less expensive than replacing the entire bumper. Bumper patching can only be done if only the bumper cover was damaged and not the actual bumper underneath the cover.

Replace the Bumper

If there are deep scratches on the bumper, this may require bumper replacement. Also, if the bumper has cracks in it or is punctured in any way, the bumper will need to be replaced. Your car has a bumper cover that covers up the bumper. The mechanic will remove the cover, which is done by releasing clips or fasteners that are hidden from view. 

Once the bumper cover is removed, the mechanic may purchase a new cover from your auto manufacturer. They can also paint a new bumper cover that they have to perfectly match the color of paint on your car. This is something you should not try to do on your own. First, the bumper cover is hard to remove if you do not have experience. It can also be difficult for you to match the paint on your car. 

The mechanic at a collision repair service can give you much more information.