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3 Things Every Driver Should Know About Frame Damage And Collision Repair

Frame damage is a common outcome in an auto collision. You may have heard that a vehicle with frame damage is unsafe and will not be repairable. This type of damage can make a vehicle less safe, but in some cases, a safe collision repair is possible. A vehicle with frame damage is not always easy to recognize with untrained eyes. This is why it is imperative to get vehicles involved in accidents inspected by a collision repair shop. A vehicle may appear to have minor damage if you look at only the external appearance, but the underlying frame may be riddled with damages. The following points are a few things that all drivers should know about frame damage. 

What factors determine whether a vehicle with frame damage is safe to drive?

The extent of the damages will be the main determining factor. Auto body repair technicians will need to inspect and determine if the frame is bent. It is possible to safely repair minor bends or dents to a frame using a number of techniques such as bending, extracting and replacing parts, and welding. Vehicles that are involved in serious collisions usually have severe frame damages that get warped in multiple places. These vehicles are usually not a good fit for repair. 

Is it worth repairing a vehicle with frame damage?

Frame damage repair is worth considering if a collision repair shop determines it can be done safely. Sometimes a vehicle might be suitable for a frame damage repair, but the cost to repair the car might be more than what the vehicle is worth. If an insurance company is responsible for the repairs, they might choose to classify the vehicle as totaled. However, individuals who own their vehicles and have liability insurance could elect to get the repairs instead of opting to buy a new car.

Does frame damage affect the value of a vehicle?

The damages could cause the value of a vehicle to be lowered. Chances are the accident and damages will be made available publicly for anyone interested in buying the vehicle in the future. This information is usually available based on vehicle identification numbers (VIN), which are unique for every car. The vehicle might also be listed as a rebuilt title vehicle if it was deemed as totaled out but restored. This is not a major issue for individuals who do not have plans to sell or trade-in their frame damage repaired vehicles. Keeping proof of the repairs could be helpful in the event of a private sale. 

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