A Few Reasons To Have A Commercial Fleet Maintenance Agreement

Owning a fleet of vehicles for your business requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. If you have a large number of vehicles, you may have a maintenance department or at least your own mechanic. However, if you do not have a mechanic and shop, or if you don't have a large number of vehicles, you may find it is very beneficial to have a commercial fleet maintenance agreement with a third-party provider.

3 Risks To Be Aware Of If You're Considering DIY Dent Repair

Some dent repairs look deceptively simple. The fact is, though, your car is much more complex than it looks. From the paint on the surface of the metal to the sublayers beneath the metal, that small dent in your car's body can have further-reaching consequences than you might expect The same goes for a DIY dent repair. Although it's true that some DIY dent repairs can be met with a limited amount of success, the decision to try a DIY repair also brings into play a number of risks.

3 Tips For Getting Your Car Painted

Regardless if you've been involved in a collision or just want to paint your vehicle another color, there are many things to consider. It's essential to get the best job done possible, and this will require a bit of effort on your part to achieve. Being aware of specific tips that will help this task to be done with greater ease is sure to be helpful to you. Tip #1: Get a variety of estimates

Collision Centers: What To Expect For Repair Services

Automobile accidents are scary and extremely stressful for anyone involved. Even if you are lucky enough to escape without injuries, your vehicle most likely has a lot of damage from the crash. It can be a huge burden to figure out how to get your vehicle fixed in a reasonable time. Most people only have one vehicle, so when the vehicle is out of commission due to collision damages, it makes it difficult to get to work and other places.

Tinted Windows And Auto Glass Repair: Get Answers To The Questions You Have

Flying debris can hit your windshield and leave a chip or a crack behind. If this occurs to you, you likely know that you should have the glass repaired quickly to help ensure that the chip or crack does not grow or spread. But if you have window tint on your windshield, you may have many questions about how the tint may or may not affect your auto glass repair. Here are a few of the questions you may have and the answers.

Monster Problems With Truck Collisions And Why You Should Not Skip Repairs

Remember when you were a kid and you would play with your little cars and trucks? What vehicles did the most crashing and pretend damage? It was probably your trucks, because trucks are bigger and less likely to receive damage in an accident. The truth is, you instinctively knew that cars take the brunt of the damage in these situations. Still, that does not mean that trucks are never going to be damaged, just that they will have less damage than the car or cars around them that have collided with your truck.

Three Signs Your Car's Windshield Has Not Been Properly Installed

If you have recently have a new windshield installed, you are going to want to spend the first few days ensuring that it has been installed correctly. The reason being that there is a chance the professionals didn't install the windshield as properly as they should have and it could compromise your ability to stay safe in your vehicle since the windshield protects you in the event of a crash. Here are three signs that your car's windshield hasn't been installed properly:

Auto Collision Repair Questions And Concerns Answered

Auto body damages can be a major problem to encounter. In addition to causing your vehicle to become unsightly, these damages could also create potentially serious complications for the vehicle. Preventing your car's auto body damages from leading to serious issues for your vehicle, you should take the time to further your understanding of this aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair. Does It Matter When You Have Your Vehicle's Collision Damage Repaired?

How to Fix Paint Chips

There are a few things as annoying as rock chips in your auto body paint. Even a small rock chip can detract from the aesthetic of your car paint. Even if you are the only one who notices it, you probably want to make these repairs as soon as possible. Even a small rock chip can grow to become larger over time if left untreated. Worst of all, rust can form on your metal, compromising your car body.

Four Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

If the wheels on your vehicle are misaligned, not only does it make it difficult to control your vehicle, but it can lead to other issues, such as loss of fuel efficiency. Misalignment happens often, and it's usually due to any kind of minor or major car accident, running over a small curb, and more. Once you notice it, you need to ensure that it is repaired to prevent serious problems, the most serious being loss of control over your vehicle.