2 Types Of Auto Brake Options

Not all automotive brakes are built the same. In fact, depending on the type of car you have and what you use it for, there might be some brake options that might be better for you compared to what you currently use. When it comes to looking at the types of brake you can have in your car, you can look at it in terms of the brake mechanism or the type of material used to make the brake pads. [Read More]

Features To Look For When Purchasing A Small Paint Sprayer To Paint Your Car After Doing Auto Body Work

If you decide to do auto body work on your vehicle on your own, you are going to need to paint your vehicle. Painting your vehicle with cans of spray paint can be costly and tiring on your hands. If you want to do your own body work, it is best to purchase a small paint sprayer to use to repaint your vehicle and source paint from the manufacturer for the task. [Read More]

A Few Reasons To Have A Commercial Fleet Maintenance Agreement

Owning a fleet of vehicles for your business requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. If you have a large number of vehicles, you may have a maintenance department or at least your own mechanic. However, if you do not have a mechanic and shop, or if you don't have a large number of vehicles, you may find it is very beneficial to have a commercial fleet maintenance agreement with a third-party provider. [Read More]

3 Risks To Be Aware Of If You're Considering DIY Dent Repair

Some dent repairs look deceptively simple. The fact is, though, your car is much more complex than it looks. From the paint on the surface of the metal to the sublayers beneath the metal, that small dent in your car's body can have further-reaching consequences than you might expect The same goes for a DIY dent repair. Although it's true that some DIY dent repairs can be met with a limited amount of success, the decision to try a DIY repair also brings into play a number of risks. [Read More]